Dubai  & gulf countries still a first choice for job seekers worldwide, there is no separation like professionals, skilled workers or un skilled workers, everyone interested to be in Dubai and to live and enjoy in Dubai..there are many reason Why finding a Dubai Career by people in all categories.One is the country is one of the safest place to work and live for both single and family. the culture in Dubai is fantastic in nature, country is providing good infrastructure for all and treated people equally.

Other major this why people looking for Dubai career is, most of the international and multinational companies having full operation in Dubai and  is the central hub for all most companies operation in gulf region.. they not only having operation, but also having production and manufacturing setup in Dubai. apart from MNCs and INCs, there many many small and medium firms are operating successfully and new venture is coming very frequently

So all companies need professionals, skilled workers and un skilled staff for their day to day operation in order to achieve world class customer satisfactions.
So what we do for someone to start Dubai Career
Here the importance of what we do, we help people to find and get job info and latest job interviews across gulf region especially in Dubai, by thorough search in various reputed job sites, news papers, classified agencies and blog.
We are not recruiters or agency is just a platform to inform people about latest job vacancies and interviews and making people to get Dubai career. or its team is not directly or indirectly involved in any stage of recruitment or employment…. 

Here the list of categories for Recent Job Interviews in Dubai & Gulf Countries
You Just click on the categories will leads to you the job details and interview date and address, you can directly approach the company and best of luck for you Dubai career During the 1970s, Dubai continued to grow from revenues generated from oil and trade, even as the city saw an influx of immigrants fleeing the Lebanese civil war. Border disputes between the emirates continued even after the formation of the UAE; it was only in 1979 that a formal compromise was reached that ended disagreements. The Jebel Ali port was established in 1979. JAFZA (Jebel Ali Free Zone) was built around the port in 1985 to provide foreign companies unrestricted import of labour and export capital.Dubai airport and the aviation industry also continued to grow.The flat sandy desert gives way to the Western Hajar Mountains, which run alongside Dubai's border with Oman at Hatta. The Western Hajar chain has an arid, jagged and shattered landscape, whose mountains rise to about 1,300 metres (4,265 feet) in some places. Dubai has no natural river bodies or oases; however, Dubai does have a natural inlet, Dubai Creek, which has been dredged to make it deep enough for large vessels to pass through. Dubai also has multiple gorges and waterholes, which dot the base of the Western Al Hajar mountains. A vast sea of sand dunes covers much of southern Dubai and eventually leads into the desert known as The Empty Quarter. Seismically, Dubai is in a very stable zone—the nearest seismic fault line, the Zagros Fault, is 200 kilometres (124 miles) from the UAE and is unlikely to have any seismic impact on Dubai. Experts also predict that the possibility of a tsunami in the region is minimal because the Persian Gulf aters are not deep enough to trigger a tsunami. APPLY


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